Dániel, our Lead App Developer
by Orsolya Jakots

Meet our Lead App Developer, Dániel

Dani already had an interest in IT in his secondary technical school years where he started to deepen his knowledge in the subject. Throughout the 5 years of high school he spent one full year exclusively on language and IT studies where he could practice and develop programming skills.

From his second school year, he and his classmates participated in competitions where they had to solve complications, tasks or develop and present their own applications.

Following a series of brainstorming sessions with a friend, they first made a browser for the blind that was capable of reading the content of the web pages. With this idea and development, they attended competitions and took the gold medals many times.

They were successful not only in Hungarian competitions, but also abroad. They applied for the Hungarian Youth Science and Innovation Talent Search competition in their last high school year, where it is not so easy to advance from more than a hundred applications. They won one of the first places, thus making it to the international round, which took place in Milan. Dani added,

"My favorite hobby was programming in high school, and I dealt a lot with it in my spare time, so it went without saying that I would continue my career at university. "

Dániel, Lead App Developer
Dániel, Lead App Developer

He graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Engineering Informatics. Dani worked almost all the way through the university, he said there were job opportunities and smaller project jobs all the way from the end of high school. He worked for a company for a longer period of time, 2-3 years before joining the Exagent team.

Dani has been with Exagent Group since October 2020 developing iOS and Android apps as a developer for React Native. He holds the position of Senior Developer and he is responsible for the architectural design and implementation of applications. He holds the title of Lead App Developer. Dani?s experience also includes C #, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript and TypeScript programming languages and technologies.

He joined Exagent on a project basis and remained with the company for a long-term after a successful collaboration. At first, he was responsible for native Android application development, and then the team switched to React Native-based development.

What was it like when more members joined the team?

"Beni joined us for the first time, even in the previous office and it had a very positive effect. I was happy that he joined. We also got along very well, and new responsibilities and new tasks came, I did not only had to divide and schedule the functions myself, but for others. I liked the new challenges and the opportunity to improve, there was no bigger problem besides the initial difficulties."

Dani said it was deep water when the development of two applications at once had to be coordinated and arranged. There has been a shortage of application developers for a long time, with more web developers applying for jobs. Compared to that, many came and went on a project basis. Dani not only holds a Senior Developer position, but also a Manager position. He needs to see and coordinate the work of more than one person at a time.

What do you like specifically about Exagent?

Dániel, Lead App Developer
Dániel, Lead App Developer

"Well, many things. The team in particular. That everyone gets on well with everyone and that the atmosphere is always friendly. There is team building, joint programs, and friendships are born.

It's not a place where you just go in to work next to your co-workers, the atmosphere is completely welcoming and you can fool around, do programs, and so on. I also like the fact that we are small in a corporate relationship, the responsibilities are not strictly separated. My work includes and touches several areas, by which I develop a lot and broaden my vision.

I really enjoy being able to be involved not only in development but also in management. I love diverse projects and am glad to have found this opportunity. It may sound a little cliché, but it's true.

In addition, the startup attitude is close to me, we have a sense of life in how we change the world in relation to projects and attitudes towards each other. We are not the compromising medium who are content on one level with what is there and do not strive for any development afterwards, this cannot be said of Exagent.

Boti and Balázs are also open to suggestions. We have a short chain of information to go through, and we always keep in mind where and how we can be better. This is a big extra for me. Of course, it is relative what each individual values, but I consider myself an ambitious person and it is important that we have goals and strive for development. "

Exagent Group visited the CES exhibition in Las Vegas earlier this year. How was it and what experience did it bring you?

“It was an experience of a lifetime for me. As a surprise at last year’s Christmas party, it was announced that our team will have the opportunity to travel to America at this year’s CES, one of the world’s biggest tech events. We got this opportunity from the company as a bonus and I am very grateful for that. This is also another plus at the company that not only do we get a financial reward, but we can also have such experiences.

CES (Consumer Electronic Show) can do a lot for us professionally, we can meet a lot of innovative technologies. I am very happy that our team was able to participate this year. "

CES Exhibition, Las Vegas 2022 Jan
CES Exhibition, Las Vegas 2022 Jan

Dani enjoys working out in her spare time and doing any sport, whether swimming or team sports. He used to play table tennis in an association. Besides sports, music is also his passion. He has learnt to play the piano for 7 years and purchased a piano from his very first salaries. Now on a hobby level, he plays on it in his leisure time.

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