Balázs Horváth, Co-Founder & CTO
by Orsolya Jakots

Balázs Horváth, Co-Founder & CTO

Balázs started software development as a hobby more or less 10 years ago. At first, he was interested in games, and from then on, it was a natural process that he wanted to continue his further studies and work in a direction related to software development. During the preparation of university, he was already aware of the direction he was going to take.

Balázs completed his university studies at the BME university in computer science and engineering. He also had projects while attending the university, carrying out these activities beside the university was almost a full-time job. Among these, his favorite projects included the management of various interfaces of online web shops and stores, followed by the application programming interface (API) - the backend side of the application.

How was Exagent established? What is the story of being a co-founding member?

"I met Botond in high school and the idea basically started from there. During a get-together, we realized that we complemented each other very well."

Botond concluded things that required elements that Balázs added, and so the two complemented each other, so to speak, and gave the complete positive outcome. That's how they started doing projects together. The company Exagent Group itself came from the fact that they outgrew themselves after taking on many occasional projects. This is how Exagent Group Kft. was officially born.

Since the foundation of Exagent, what have been the defining milestones? Both for you and the company or even colleagues?

The first major milestone was moving into an office which was the very first office location where we worked from. 

Another such milestone is that, in addition to client projects, we also started developing our own systems and platforms. That's how we started working on Invex, one of Exagent's first proprietary products, an investment management platform. Then another milestone, another self-developed platform, Wadmin, which is a webshop logistics tool prepared for company development processes.

I would consider as the next big step that we moved to our current HQ office, which can accommodate more colleagues and serves a more official layout such as meeting and co-working space. I think a very good team started to form in 2021 and this location also provides a great working environment for the company's team.

I would also consider it a successful step when our company was able to maintain a stable work process. A stable team resulted in a stable work process. In addition to these, the size of the projects also began to grow and the company also began to get used to it.

What future vision do you envision for Exagent?

The current goal is to be able to multiply the current number of people in the team.

The aim is to participate in and work on a long-term project as big as possible. Another goal is to work on things that provide new solutions and have a place on the market. Basically, aiming to build in such a way that these projects can evolve and thus the company and the team can likewise.

Balázs Horváth, Co-Founder & CTO
Balázs Horváth, Co-Founder & CTO
What do you think of the current team?

The company managed to reach a fairly stable base. I would say the team is reliable. They are completely reliable both in terms of quality and quantity.

What challenges have you faced?

One of the biggest challenges is that different people have to adapt to different time schedules. For example, I'm a night owl. It is not part of the management, but the scheduling of meetings was quite problematic at one time. It was develop and resolved over time.

You are the creator of one of your own proprietary products, Wadmin. How did this come about?

This webshop logistics tool, named Wadmin, was born out of childhood hobbies, interests, and their inspiration.

My previous projects included the management of various interfaces of online stores and department stores, and as a result, a circle of partners was formed years ago.

Thanks to these partners and based on the work experience with them, I saw what the problems are within the platforms and what different systems cannot provide a solution for.

Filtering these out, I was able to see what was needed on the market and to create Wadmin's logistics system.



Balázs's leisure activities include swimming as a sport. In addition, he likes to watch series and his old time favorite hobby is computer games. In addition to these, gardening is also standing close to Balázs, he likes to spend his free time in nature.


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