Meet Benjamin, our Medior App Developer
by Orsolya Jakots

Meet Benjamin, our Medior App Developer

Beni is completing his very last semester as a Business Informatics Engineer student at Corvinus University of Budapest where he accomplished proficiency in web development at a very early stage. He decided to establish himself in the topic and he started to educate himself. With the help of the programme called React, he consciously improved his skillset.

Beni started his professional journey at Exagent Group 1.5 years ago and he currently works as a React Native Developer, he develops iOS and Android compatible applications. He is responsible for the building of front end functionalities in a medior developer position.

In his words:

"Not to seek material goods, but to bring value. Exagent can fabricate something outstanding for the market by investing more energy, effort and time."

We asked Beni why he likes being part of the Exagent team:

Benjamin, React Native Medior App Developer
Benjamin, React Native Medior App Developer

"I really liked the work-morale from the beginning that is present at the company. I can truly be grateful for Dániel Kecskés, the Lead App Developer of Exagent, who mentored me from my first days.

There was a significant moment in one of the application development processes where we were behind schedule and we worked overnight with our Lead Web Developer, Balázs Horváth to finish before the deadline. He genuinely guided us, held the group together while being in constant touch over the line. For me this is what truly represents the terms of team work.

Besides, I really enjoy the lunch breaks in the office, these are always full of fun."

Beni is a true team player not only in his professional life but also in his leisure time. He is fond of handball and he and his team won twice the gold medals of the season in the category of NB2. He is also thrilled by the Italian cuisine and excluding his work hours he becomes the italian master chief himself.

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