New HQ and a huge announcement were the answer for the heat wave by Exagent
by Világgazdaság
The innovation partner is launching soon the new superweapon of venture capital fund managers the Invex. Moreover, they continue to support the creative Hungarian youth by sponsoring the Budapest Innovation Group.

Exagent, the software developing company moved their HQ to a new office in June which is located at the 9th district of Budapest. CEO, Botond Mikó announced two huge news during the office launching event: They are soon launching Invex, the platform made for venture capital fund managers after the successful international demo version. Furthermore, they extended their golden sponsor contract with the Budapest Innovation Group

Innovative partner, who solves your problem

Exagent was founded by Botond Mikó and Balázs Horváth. The founders are still in their 20s, and they started to deal with software development when they were 16, mainly with the motivation of freedom of creativity and not money making. As teenagers they were developing applications that were attracted by more than ten thousands of users in Asia, and they were already done with a platform where billions of Forints of trade goes through nowadays too. They have written hardware and software relations, worked with a special Apple license, and got orders from all over Europe.

The duo later on built a team with students looking for challenges, and in 2019, they established their software developing company the Exagent. By August 2020 they hired their first full time employee, and since then they grew to more than 10 person at the team, which meant a new HQ location too.

Exagent seems itself as an innovative partner and not a developing company, and they work accordingly. There are plenty companies who can make simple web or mobile applications and background systems, however not many can react to problems requiring bigger challenges. Exagent is like this: they don't accept a simple task, their partners bring a complex package of problems, which is mapped by the team from the market research to development, from A to Z. No matter if it is hardware of software relations, machine learning or scalable solutions, Exagent aims to be acknowledged in the international scene, and to be the most recognized innovative partner in Hungary.

Invex: the platform of investment funds

The history of the soon to be in full version of Invex started two years ago. Botond Mikó started to work as a technological expert, and he realized that most of the Hungarian capital funds make only economic decisions in case of an investment but they skip the technological base. That is the reason that Exagent started to develop a platform which is automatizing the investment processes. Their first partner was a venture capital fund manager, the Vespucci Partners. Learning from its feedbacks it started to grow in this year's January as Invex.

The demo version was already a big success both among national and international partners. Invex is different from the other similar platforms, as it is automatizing the real world problems, and then these solutions are standardized so it can be used by all of the capital funds. Today there is a startup and venture capital fund boom, investments are growing. Venture funds have to check more startups in a more precise and faster way, and it can be done only with automatization. Funds tend to grow their software costs by 30% in the next years which will be optimal for Invex mainly at the Central-Eastern European market.

The support of young startuppers and developers incubator goes on

Exagent made friends with the Budapest Innovation Group(BIG) who embraces young creative Hungarians when they invited Botond Mikó to their opening round table discussion. Botond fell in love with this community and later Exagent became the golden partner of BIG. From this time on BIG goes on the name of Budapest Innovation Group powered by Exagent.

BIG would like to explore, connect, and manage creative and innovative university students. The incubator community made some huge success in their first year, they participated in the biggest hackathons, and in most of them they finished on the podium. Three of these projects already turned into enterprises. Around 50 people participating during the events of BIG, they prepare 4-8 teams to hackathons and they started their corporate social responsibility project, the BIG care.

The Invisible Water Index project wants to raise awareness to the industrial water consumption, which is a hot topic nowadays. For now working as a webpage, IWI shows how much water is needed to produce any consumer good. It was nominated to the top 10 projects at the Red Bull international project competition. BIG Hidrobot is another project which is an underwater robot that aims to monitor the sewerage network of water utilities from the inside. BIG wants to help the farmers too with Smapp Lab. It is a nationwide monitoring system that records the move of any pest, and from the learnt information the machine calculates that where and in what intensity will the bugs appear in the vegetable. The BIG-Exagent marriage will go on for another year as Botond mentioned at the office opening.

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